From 09/26/2014 to 10/25/2014


08:05 AM Revision 4675: optional setting in the ini for EPT feature, default to false
Carolina Chacin
07:59 AM Revision 4674: adding more ubuntu versions to the install
Carolina Chacin


01:29 PM Bug #519 (Resolved): When new reportable events arrive in the emr after cases has already been tr...
this is a change to nodis case, to add a reportables column, change to case report to calculate the reportables at th... Carolina Chacin
11:54 AM Revision 4673: this is to solve redmine #526 to display case details for diabetes cases.
Carolina Chacin
11:53 AM Bug #526 (Resolved): can't view diabetes cases in case detail
this is a semi hack in get by short name in nodis/ to check if the condition (variable passed in the method) s... Carolina Chacin
10:01 AM Revision 4672: Added shading to notes tab
Bob Zambarano


05:05 PM Bug #526 (Resolved): can't view diabetes cases in case detail
Trying to view diabetes cases. The condition names as defined in the diabetes module
conditions ...
Bob Zambarano


01:28 PM Revision 4671: Updates for dx_code issues, other fixes from mdphnet vs riskscape review
Bob Zambarano


01:27 PM Revision 4670: update with fix for bug #525
Bob Zambarano
01:03 PM Bug #525 (Resolved): case_reports references lxRec.codemap.native_code where it should be just re...
line 651 in current reads:
if LabTestMap.objects.filter(native_code__exact=lxRec.codemap.native_cod...
Bob Zambarano
11:36 AM Revision 4669: added admin for order extension
Carolina Chacin


08:22 AM Revision 4668: fixing reportables for requeue and separating heuristic reportables from configure...
Carolina Chacin


12:34 PM Revision 4667: fix for generic plus synonyms to add drugs not in the static table
Carolina Chacin


11:52 AM Revision 4666: Changes to deal with reportable_dx
Bob Zambarano
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